Sunday 22 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

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Tuesday 17 December 2013

Test Leadership

Tuesday 10 December 2013

What came first?

Yesterday marked Grace Hopper's 107th birthday. She was one of the first computer programmers and is famous for spotting the first ever bug (a moth to be precise). My question is, did the bug come first which then lead to testers doing testing or was it other way round? I think testers came first otherwise the bug would have never been 'raised'. You need someone (i.e. a tester) to identify an issue or a problem which can then be confirmed as a bug (or something else like a new feature!).

I have two NEWS items:
1st) I will be leading a workshop in May 2014 at Test Bash 3 about being creative as a tester and visualising the testing which can help with test planning and design as well as reporting. More details here:

2nd) The 1st draft of the Cartoon Tester book is nearly ready. You can follow the progress here:

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Thursday 21 November 2013

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Beware of the tester

I'm in the middle of organising my cartoons and found this one which never made into the blog, until now:

Thursday 31 October 2013

Field of Dreams rip off

... In case anyone thought they could build perfect software... please don't get me started with defect prevention :)

I'm off to EuroSTAR next week. The conference has become a highlight for me in the testing calendar, it will be my fourth year attending. I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and meeting new ones. I'll be running a workshop on Visual Testing, here are the details:

Thursday 17 October 2013

Software Eggs and other graphs

I really like the site which makes fun of some things and tries to make sense of others using simple graphs and illustrations.
Recently I was reminded of the site by reading 'Explore It' by Elisabeth Hendrickson as she used one of the graphs to help describe exploratory testing. This triggered me to create some simple and slightly quirky testing graphs of my own. See below, what do you think?

As a testing exercise, it would be great if you could draw one or two graphs or illustrations, take a photo of it and either uploaded to twitter with hash tag #testindex or uploaded it to the cartoon tester Facebook page.
Go on, it would make you think about testing which is never a bad thing (especially if you’re a tester!).

Tuesday 15 October 2013


The diary of a troubled software tester

I've started doing 'grown-up' blog posts in my works' blog site, Exco InTouch. I will be blogging over the coming weeks around the theme of testing in the pharma industry. Do check it out and leave some comments! The first post is titled 'The diary of a troubled software tester: Day 1 - You cannot serve two masters', you can find it here:

Cheers, Andy (also known as the Cartoon Tester!) 

Friday 6 September 2013

Situational Driven Tester

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Bug reporting

I got the idea for today's cartoon from reading a uTest blog:

One thing I would like to add about this cartoon (and its message) is that on some occasions all you need to do is point to the bug, or take a screenshot or write one simple sentence for a summary. Sometimes you need a lot more than that. That's all I wanted to add.

I'm still open for more suggestions for the Cartoon Tester book title, please leave a comment with your suggestion/s.
My original idea was calling the book either "Buggy software and other facts about testing" or "Buggy software and other cartoons about testing" but I was kindly recommended to ask my blog readers instead!
Anyone know where I got the idea for those two book tittles... it's of course the greatest book about software testing - have you read it yet?

Monday 19 August 2013

Did I ever tell you about the time...

I drew the above cartoon (in draft) at last year's Eurostar during the evening while chatting with other testers. Bart Knaack, a very cool tester and in charge of the Test Lab at the conference, came up with the idea of he cartoon, all I had to do was draw it.

Have you seen my Facebook page yet?
Thanks everyone who have suggested a title for the Cartoon Tester book, please keep the suggestions coming! You can add your ideas to the comments below.

Friday 2 August 2013


So the other day I was flicking through Michael Bolton’s blog (developsense) looking for a specific article, the one about visualising your work day as a tester. It was taken much longer than I expected to find the article and I started to think that Mr Bolton should really write and publish a software testing book so it’s easier to read and to find the topics he has written about, it would certainly make life easier for me anyway… and then it hit me! I was being a hypocrite as I should do the same with my cartoons! So decision made, I shall create and publish a Cartoon Tester book!

I hope you’re excited, because I am!

First things first. I need a title for the book and I trust you can help me. Please add a comment to this post (or Facebook, see details below) with your suggested book title. Whichever one I choose will get the book for free! Give as many suggestions as you please, the more the merrier.

For the book, I would love to print comments from the Cartoon Tester fans. Here’s what you do:
I have created a Cartoon Tester page on Facebook:
Go there and make comments, either general comments or comments for a specific cartoon that I will upload over the coming days (I’ll upload the more popular ones). Along with your comment, please leave your initials, name or pseudonym, as well as your city and country. By posting your comment, you’re allowing me to include it in the book. Thank you! Feel free to leave the comment using your native language (I plan to print both the original and translation - I think it would be cool to create a multicultural and multi-lingual book).

Summary and Actions:
  • Cartoon Tester Book – Yay! – Action AG
  • Leave comments for a title – Action All
  • Leave comments about Cartoon Tester – Action all

Project Timelines:
  • Book Title by end of August
  • Upload 1st draft of book on Leanpub by 1st of September
  • Final version of book by end of September
  • Send book to printers by end of October
  • Read book

Thanks all

P.S. this is my first book, so I might be a bit optimistic with the project timelines.

Here's a cartoon that never made it past the first draft. I probably drew it over 3 years ago. My original idea was to leave the lined paper background on all cartoons

Friday 26 July 2013

You can do it

This cartoon was printed in the latest (and last) Testing Planet. I can’t imagine anyone would disagree that the Planet was the best software testing magazine/newspaper out there. I’m very proud to have been involved in each and every issue. I still remember sending an email to Rob Lambert prior to the 1st issue with a bunch of cartoons (way before this blog ever existed)… I was nervous that the STC team wouldn't like them… clearly there was nothing to worry about.

Anyway, I hope Rosie and the STC team gave a final toast to a fantastic run of the Testing Planet.

Thursday 27 June 2013

skyscrapers of the world

On occasions, I’ve noticed that we testers are not very confident in our role. Maybe we feel undervalued, who knows why,  but I think that can lead to a defensive approach in the way we work with others in the project team or department. Sometimes that can lead to writing overly long test cases, test policies or test strategies – as if that makes us look better! Sometimes we write lots of test automation because that will impresses our developers or our boss! Actually, that does usually impress them but have you thought about the MONEY? Or using management speak - Return of Investment?

NOTE: I decided to user a large image for this cartoon... hope you can see it all!

Thursday 13 June 2013

Diet and exercise... is all the rage now

I read lots of software testing blogs and articles. Some I skim read, some I read twice. I must have read thousands by now. But I don't recall ever reading about keeping fit or following a strict diet to improve your testing. But it must do... a healthy body is a healthy mind, and our work is all about the mind.
A few years ago I read a short biography about a famous theologian in the USA, Jonathan Edwards. In 1727, at the age of 21 he wrote a diet resolution for himself (which I think he pretty much kept to):

 By a sparingness in diet, and eating as much as may be what is light and easy of digestion, I shall doubtless be able to think more clearly, and shall gain time; 1. By lengthening out my life; 2. Shall need less time for digestion, after meals; 3. Shall be able to study more closely, without injury to my health; 4. Shall need less time for sleep; 5. Shall more seldom be troubled with the head-ache.

I think he was way ahead of his time, and a little crazy too.

I wonder if any testers out there have ever started a diet or increased their exercise for the main purpose of finding more bugs!!!

Friday 24 May 2013

Test Is Dead is dead

If you've not heard of the term 'Test is dead' then Google [did] it.

Test Is Dead is dead... Long live Test!!

Wednesday 8 May 2013


This is a silly cartoon… I hope you like it ;)

Well, it’s happened again, I didn’t update the blog for over 3 months. I wish I could give you a good reason why, like I took a few months off to work in the Amazon researching for a new cancer cure. This isn’t true… obviously. The truth is that I've been occupied on other things, things such as family, reading, sport, plus a few other things and a spot of gardening. At the moment I’m in a constant struggle to decide what to spend my spare time on… so far it’s a stalemate!

I will try to post more cartoons but I can't promise to update the blog regularly :( What I can promise is that there will be more testing cartoons :)  … but perhaps not all on this blog…

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Counting bugs

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Poster - Software Testing Creativity

The Software Testing Club and the Cartoon Tester have teamed up to produce a Software Testing Creativity Poster!!
Check the STC's site for more details on ordering it:
I'll be personally packing and posting out the posters to all who order!

Security Testing

Security Testing is all about the attacks! 
Well... not all, but hopefully you get the picture :)