Thursday 31 October 2013

Field of Dreams rip off

... In case anyone thought they could build perfect software... please don't get me started with defect prevention :)

I'm off to EuroSTAR next week. The conference has become a highlight for me in the testing calendar, it will be my fourth year attending. I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and meeting new ones. I'll be running a workshop on Visual Testing, here are the details:

Thursday 17 October 2013

Software Eggs and other graphs

I really like the site which makes fun of some things and tries to make sense of others using simple graphs and illustrations.
Recently I was reminded of the site by reading 'Explore It' by Elisabeth Hendrickson as she used one of the graphs to help describe exploratory testing. This triggered me to create some simple and slightly quirky testing graphs of my own. See below, what do you think?

As a testing exercise, it would be great if you could draw one or two graphs or illustrations, take a photo of it and either uploaded to twitter with hash tag #testindex or uploaded it to the cartoon tester Facebook page.
Go on, it would make you think about testing which is never a bad thing (especially if you’re a tester!).

Tuesday 15 October 2013


The diary of a troubled software tester

I've started doing 'grown-up' blog posts in my works' blog site, Exco InTouch. I will be blogging over the coming weeks around the theme of testing in the pharma industry. Do check it out and leave some comments! The first post is titled 'The diary of a troubled software tester: Day 1 - You cannot serve two masters', you can find it here:

Cheers, Andy (also known as the Cartoon Tester!)