Friday 2 August 2013


So the other day I was flicking through Michael Bolton’s blog (developsense) looking for a specific article, the one about visualising your work day as a tester. It was taken much longer than I expected to find the article and I started to think that Mr Bolton should really write and publish a software testing book so it’s easier to read and to find the topics he has written about, it would certainly make life easier for me anyway… and then it hit me! I was being a hypocrite as I should do the same with my cartoons! So decision made, I shall create and publish a Cartoon Tester book!

I hope you’re excited, because I am!

First things first. I need a title for the book and I trust you can help me. Please add a comment to this post (or Facebook, see details below) with your suggested book title. Whichever one I choose will get the book for free! Give as many suggestions as you please, the more the merrier.

For the book, I would love to print comments from the Cartoon Tester fans. Here’s what you do:
I have created a Cartoon Tester page on Facebook:
Go there and make comments, either general comments or comments for a specific cartoon that I will upload over the coming days (I’ll upload the more popular ones). Along with your comment, please leave your initials, name or pseudonym, as well as your city and country. By posting your comment, you’re allowing me to include it in the book. Thank you! Feel free to leave the comment using your native language (I plan to print both the original and translation - I think it would be cool to create a multicultural and multi-lingual book).

Summary and Actions:
  • Cartoon Tester Book – Yay! – Action AG
  • Leave comments for a title – Action All
  • Leave comments about Cartoon Tester – Action all

Project Timelines:
  • Book Title by end of August
  • Upload 1st draft of book on Leanpub by 1st of September
  • Final version of book by end of September
  • Send book to printers by end of October
  • Read book

Thanks all

P.S. this is my first book, so I might be a bit optimistic with the project timelines.

Here's a cartoon that never made it past the first draft. I probably drew it over 3 years ago. My original idea was to leave the lined paper background on all cartoons


  1. Have the illustration above on the cover - yah!

    My favorites are used here:

    + how to raise a bug in 3 steps
    + art of bug reporting

    title: CartoonTester vol. 1 - bugs have feelings too

  2. Thanks Jesper - title is nice and simple, I like it :)
    I'll upload a few of your favourite cartoons on to Facebook... I completely forgot about a couple of them!

  3. CartoonTester vol. 1 - Because testing is an art and fun

    (love the vol. 1 from Jesper - makes me hope there'll be a vol. 2 sometime)

  4. Thanks Tobias.
    Thinking there'll be 2 volumes is very optimistic! :D

  5. You can't tuna fish, but you can toon a tester!

  6. Title suggestions: "A Million ways to laugh with Testers and the industry they support", "Laugh with us but not at us", "See, Testing Really is Fun", "Wait, AM I really a Tester?"

  7. Hi Carl, thanks for the great suggestions!

  8. 1 Cartoons with a reason!
    2 Cartoongineering
    3 it's been cartoonized!

    1. How about the following:
      Title: "Please bug me!"
      Subtitle: "Cartoons on software testing".

      Or "When bugs take over", written by Andy Glover. ;-) Just kidding!