Tuesday 3 September 2013

Bug reporting

I got the idea for today's cartoon from reading a uTest blog:

One thing I would like to add about this cartoon (and its message) is that on some occasions all you need to do is point to the bug, or take a screenshot or write one simple sentence for a summary. Sometimes you need a lot more than that. That's all I wanted to add.

I'm still open for more suggestions for the Cartoon Tester book title, please leave a comment with your suggestion/s.
My original idea was calling the book either "Buggy software and other facts about testing" or "Buggy software and other cartoons about testing" but I was kindly recommended to ask my blog readers instead!
Anyone know where I got the idea for those two book tittles... it's of course the greatest book about software testing - have you read it yet?


  1. "Software Testing: Sometimes Cartoonish" - may not be very positive but... hey, gotta have a sense of humor.

    Maybe refer to "Systems Thinking"?

    "Testing Explained in Cartoon Thinking"

  2. Cool suggestions. Thanks ThePainAndGainOfEdwardBear!

  3. Testing - Drawing on Experience

  4. Lessons Learned in Cartoon Testing

  5. not drawn that bad, by the way :)

  6. Thanks for the suggestion James :)

  7. Thanks Aliya, I did try really really hard to draw a bad drawing! :D