Thursday 21 July 2011

Just looking

When I try to explain what I do as a job, I have a nagging temptation to make it sound like I'm really clever and I do complex stuff at work, something like "I test the web application’s functionality running on handheld mobile electronic devices is displayed within the device parameters and each feature is correctly implemented according to detailed requirements and strict industry regulations". Of course, by the time I've said the 2nd word "test", I can tell I've lost their interest!

Ignoring the fact that we sometimes try to exaggerate our skills and knowledge, I'm a firm believer that software testing, when done well, is hard. But having said that, sometimes you can find bugs in software without clicking any buttons. There are times that testing looks very simple, especially if you’re watching an experienced tester do some testing. The tester might come across as just looking or playing with the software - anyone could do that they’re doing!

I think this can similar to sports men and women who are at the top of their sport. 
Whenever they swing a golf club, kick a 40 yard ball, or spin a ball with great precision, they make it look so easy as if anyone could pick up the sport and be a pro without blinking. A professional goal of my mine is to be like these sports men and women but in the software testing world. Whenever I attend a meeting where they are asking for my advice, or where I'm performing a few quick tests on an application or I'm the main tester for a large project, I want my every interaction to look good yet easy. I want to test software and find bugs by just looking, or so it would seem to the onlooker.

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  1. The only danger here is that you create an impression that what you do is so easy that those who don't understand it think that your function can be easily replaced.