Tuesday 5 July 2011

Fishing Tales

Hi one and all,

Once again I’ve failed to update this blog.
I wish I had a good reason for it, but I don’t.
As a way to get your favour back, I’ve decided to post a totaly brand new set of cartoons on this blog. The plan was to print them in an e-book and sell it through Amazon but I changed my mind!
The new cartoons are based on the experiences of cats trying to catch mice. The Cats and nice is an analogy of testing where testers are trying to find bugs, but please note, I’m not calling all testers cats nor all bugs mice. It’s an analogy, it only applies to a point. Most cats are cute, most testers are… well, you get the message.
With each cartoon I have added a quote that I think relates to testing. I got the idea of using quotes from a Twitter hashtag – #ihatequotes !!
Like all previous cartoons, feel free to use the new cartoons in presentations, but please contact me if you plan to use it in merchandise or magazines.
Alongside the cartoons, I will share some of my experiences in testing. I hope it comes in useful.
Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting the Cat and Mouse cartoons, stay tuned :o)

Before all that, here’s one of my favourite cartoons, it was printed in the Testing Planet at STC. I like this because of two reasons: One, it took a number of drafts before I was happy with it; two, it’s an area  in testing I feel I need to improve on – selling the testing tale!


  1. I love your cartoons! Please change your mind and publish your cartoons as eBook. I think many of your fans will buy it.

  2. Thanks Q.!
    But why not have the cartoons available on the blog rather than having to pay for it?
    At the end of this new set of cartoons, I'll copy them into a nice e-book which will be free to download.

  3. Fine! Is there a eBook available for the old-set of the cartoons?

  4. No, there isn't one, but I might create one over coming months