Wednesday 10 November 2010


I’ve been a fan of Banksy for a while now. He’s a street artist who draws brilliantly funny graffiti. You can check out some of his work here.
Banksy recently did a film about making money in the art world. Guess what? Anyone can make loads of money out of not very good art work. So, with that in mind, I thought I could make (and sell) some testing ark work too.
And here it is (see screen shot below). What do you reckon? I call the piece “Oxymoron”. It is estimated to be worth around 3,000 US dollars. Of course, this is just an image. The original art work has been printed using a black and white printer.
This great piece of testing art can be yours. Just send me an email with your bid and the highest bid wins. Simple. (Bidding closes tomorrow evening).

On second thoughts, you’re better off giving your money to charity.

…And you’re in luck! This Christmas, STC are raising money for the charity Oxfam through a great eBook entitled “A tester is for life, not just for Christmas”. Testers can contribute to the e-book as well as giving money to charity. Read all about it here.


  1. Just Test It- It may be an statement from the developer when ther are posted with some questions from testers. At times even a busy test lead can order his/her tester just do it.


  2. Hi Ram,

    Yeah, I agree, even test leads say this on occasions (including myself)... but we should know better.

  3. I see it with a positive attitude:
    Don't "waste" too much time on planning, details and heavy overhead.
    => Just test it!

    Enjoy the ride, see where it drifts you and explore. :-)