Thursday 4 November 2010

Is that a bug in a s/w testing site?

First things first. If you like my cartoons and want to find out more about me and what makes me tick, The Software Testing Club have just posted An interview with Andy Glover. Let me know what you think :o)

If you don’t get the “irony” of this cartoon you should definitely read this book: “Perfect Software and other illusions about testing”. It comes highly recommended (I’ve read it twice and I will read it again soon).

BTW… this cartoon was originally inspired by Rosie, the creator of Software Testing Club… don’t know why she would come up with a cartoon like this!! :o)


  1. Hi, Andy!

    I've found the spelling mistake in your cartoon, isn't it ironic?)

    "Exepct" instead of "expect" in scene #2.

  2. Well spotted!

    I think I'll leave it there as a reminder of the irony!

  3. Clearly your site is broken, Andy.


  4. Ok, I should let them now (or later). Deliberate Irony or a typo.

  5. Nice stuff Andy :)

    And a good spot from Roman :)

  6. That's a typo. that's 2 so far!

    This is one of the few cartoons I didn't get anyone to review.

    I wonder if there's any more typos!

  7. Love it! I especially like the "exepct" typo because it makes it all the more hilarious!

  8. I dont know how people are able to test and report these 'bugs' - where's the spec ???

  9. Good point Phil, I never said (never mind written in a spec) my cartoons would be spelled according to the Oxford Dictionary :o)

  10. Loved the interview, and laughed not just at your wit and banter, but when you mention Butlins.

    Oh how rock n roll is software testing.

    Also, the typos they follow you. It' dessert, not desert.

    Good interview and great site, your cartoons are a constant source of hilarity

  11. Another:

    Bug: "Lets see if I can find some bugs"
    Fix: "Let's see if I can find some bugs"

    Sorry! :P

    ...though I'm sure there are plenty of mistakes on my blog :)