Tuesday 28 September 2010

Who are you calling a tool?

Today's cartoon was designed by Nancy Kelln (thanks Nancy!)

Nancy's contact details:
Website: www.unimaginedtesting.ca
Twitter: nkelln
LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/nkelln/

About Nancy:
Nancy Kelln is an independent consultant with 12 years of diverse experience within the IT industry. Nancy is motivated by working with teams who are implementing or enhancing their testing practices; providing adaptive testing approaches in both agile and traditional testing teams. She has coached test teams in various environments and facilitated numerous workshops and presentations.


  1. A nice cartoon from Nancy.

    Tool is a tool is a tool but human is always human.Though there are lot of tools available to automate things but those tools still need humans to use them.Another disadvantage is tools can reduce the time of testing/effort but thay cannot find the defects in the product.


  2. Very Interesting Cartoon. Good Job Nancy. Me also accept Mr. Ram opinion on this cartoon.