Wednesday 1 September 2010

Create your own cartoons

Over the last few months I’ve received a few emails/comments were people have said they are inspired to create their own cartoons. I really think this is great and I would love to use this blog over the next month or so for people to post their own testing related cartoons. Are you up for the challenge? It would be really good if we get lots of people to create and submit cartoons!

Hints and Tips:
Concentrate on the content of the cartoon. Unless you’re a really good artist, the text and dialogue are more important than the drawings, so try an avoid drawing complicated images (e.g. drawing some facial expressions is really hard)
Give yourself an hour or two to complete the cartoon.
Don’t re-invent the wheel. Have a look at other cartoons on the web and see what you can learn from the way they draw them. Some examples to check out:
Hyperbole and a Half
The Oatmeal
Not invented here
Geek and poke

Email me your cartoons at by Monday, 20th September.

I will review the cartoons before posting them, as I don’t want anything that is inappropriate/rude/offensive on the blog.

Let the fun begin!

... On a similar note, here's a cartoon that Markus Gärtner designed and I created. Check out his post on why blaming doesn't help

waterfall testing QA

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