Wednesday 13 January 2010

The Test Conference

During my early years in software testing, I would get an email invite to a test conference. My first thought would be "What on earth do they talk about for a whole day?!!". Of course, now with a bit of experience, I could talk about testing for a whole week, not just one day... not that anyone would listen ;o)


  1. This is an awesome cartoon... I have actually been to one of those conferences. Nothing innovative or 'new' was told. All they talked about:"Test is important, because...."

    Pretty annoying when the audience consists of ppl that KNOW testing is important, otherwise they would not be there!!!

    Love the cartoon!

  2. Nice!

    Going to bookmark this blog...

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  4. I love test conferences :)
    Other favorit topics are also 'Developers are stupid and useless', 'PMs are dull-witted', 'Customers are skinflint' and how to defeat 'em all :