Thursday 28 January 2010


There are countless documents, articles, presentations, whitepapers that use the graph where the cost of identifying and fixing a bug increases exponentially over time. Last year I read one whitepaper that had this graph, naively I thought it would be worth reading (since it had this graph)… how wrong was I? The whitepaper didn't say anything about finding defects early to reduce costs - nothing whatsoever! I felt that I'd lost half an hour of my life, I felt cheated; no joke; I take the testing profession seriously - even if I create testing cartoons!
Although they say time heals, I'm now really sceptical whenever I see the same graph pasted into yet another testing article.


  1. Really such a amazing blog, I like it.

  2. nice cartoons elaborate testing methods.

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  4. Hi Andy,

    I just replied to a colleague's blog post using one of your cartoons to illustrate my point.

    Are you OK with this, if I credit you as I've done?
    I've hyper-linked the image back to this page and added a link to your blog.

    All the best
    Richard Bishop

  5. Hi Richard, that's ok and thanks for checking.