Friday 28 January 2011

What happens when Testers meet up???

Last year I attended a Tester Gathering in London that Tony Bruce organises, I was very impressed with the format and general atmosphere of the event - he's done a great job! So much so, that my colleague Adam Brown and I are now organising a similar event in Nottingham. With lots of help from STC, we are holding the first ever Nottingham STC Meetup on Feb 23rd.
  • It will be free to attend and James Bach has kindly agreed to give a presentation!
  • Please check Adam’s post with more details of the event.
  • And register to the event at the STC meetup site

P.S. I say Adam and I are organising it, the truth is Adam is doing all the work!



  1. Plenty of real-world errors out there waiting to be found. It's not just software, y'know :)

  2. Nice! I'm hoping to get up there for it.