Wednesday 19 January 2011

the 'The Legendary' Pradeep Soundararajan

There is no doubt about it, today's cartoon was inspired by Pradeep Soundararajan. He's a bit of genius, you should check out his blog.
Recently, he emailed me about a couple of cartoon ideas. I love it when this happens, new ideas seem to trigger even more ideas. One negative side effect though, is I end up feeling like a pessimistic developer! There is no way I can meet the [cartoon] requirements, as I will understand the requirements differently to the way people think they have explained them. But not to worry, I always provide a prototype of the cartoon to check it meets some level of satisfaction/quality :o)
Anyway, this cartoon is my representation of Pradeep's idea. Thanks Pradeep!


  1. Andy, its The THE Legendary :))

    Thanks for bringing the visual. Its awesome. You should get more credits than me for this.

  2. or the tester-developer "high noon" stand-off: "it's a bug" - "no, it isn't". OK, not quite as exciting as the real high-noon...

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