Sunday 16 December 2012

Bugs anyone?


  1. That makes me think of a time, only two years ago, that our QA group was still keeping defects in Excel spreadsheets.
    Defect meetings looked like a paper factory, post-explosion, and defects were referred to by cryptic location: "Check the spreadsheet that so-and-so uploaded during the last phase of project Y. I think the original date was the 23rd at 4:03pm."

    The implementation of a formal tool was much needed, and helped bug resolution speed greatly.

    My take on the comic: Testing is a human excercise, that is nearly unmanagable without inhuman assistance.

  2. Hi Evan, I like your take on the cartoon. The reason behind it was due to a similar experience I had with excel!
    Thanks for leaving a comment, Andy.

  3. you're so right, I had to blog about it

  4. Hi Andy,

    I am very much impressed with your way of expressing your ideas or thoughts with cartoons, so good. I agree that the work has become easy after test automation.