Monday 30 January 2012

Sh*t Testers Say

There are quite a few videos going round on YouTube about rubbish certain people say about certain stuff (YouTube it, some are very funny!).

I thought: "I should do a video about testers!" And here it is, I used me and the rubbish I say to get the content (so don't be [too] offended). Hope you like it:

I will endeavour to post cartoons in the very near future :)


  1. Andy,
    You forgot some.

    What the fu....???!!!
    Dude, check this out!
    Well... isn't that special.
    Damn it Jim... I'm a tester, not a mechanic!

  2. Hi Calkelpdiver,
    Good points there! Maybe I should do 'Sh*t Testers Say II'
    I love the mechanic one ;)

  3. Andy,
    Yeah that last one is a bit of a take off of Dr. McCoy on Star Trek. Tells you a bit about my age ;-)

    A few more I've used over the years...
    "Ain't gonna make it"
    "That dog don't hunt"
    "I see the developers are in the house, but the lights are out!"

    And a new one I stole from Iron Man 2, Ivan Vanko...


    Jim Hazen
    aka Calkelpdiver

  4. Ivan Vanko is brave! I don't think I would say that out loud about software I'm testing!!
    A couple of developers I work with have seen the video and they've come up with a few more suggestions, also about what developers say... I have 2 or 3 videos worth of content now :)

  5. You are not just a Cartoonist.. You have a good screenplayer too... ;)
    Adding Usability will have some more stuff to screen...

  6. Loved the most bugs in a day part... Cracked me up when you said that just so happened to be your favourite number.

    More of this please Andy :-)

  7. @Sundar, all those years looking at the mirror and pretending to be a Hollywood actor are starting to pay off :D
    @Darren, haha wasn't sure about adding that clip - I'm glad I did :)