Monday, 26 September 2011

A James Bond Film

A team of testers and me submitted a video for this year's EuroSTAR TeamStar competition.
Hope you like it!


The team members are: Adam Brown (@brownie490), Jenny Lane (@mfboots), Tim Munn (@Nottsmunster) and me (@cartoontester).

The voting for the TeamSTAR competition starts this Thursday, 29th September. I'll post again on the blog on the day with a link to the voting.
It would be great if you could vote for us (if you think the video is any good of course!)


  1. Great stuff, guys!

    I don't use a pen drive or big book of tests but I do have a beard (not fake) and a Moleskine. How did you know? ;)

  2. I am NOT growing a beard in order to become a better tester. I draw the line there! :) Great video LOL funny.

  3. Sometimes, a beard is the only solution. :-)>

  4. Thanks for the great feedback. But @ElizaF, that's not the spirit ;)
    Paul, didn't you know everybody knows?
    SheyMouse, true

  5. Ah-ah! So, it's all in the beard!

  6. So every morning I have been ruining my day as a tester, because I let the rasorblade do it's thing...