Monday 26 September 2011

A James Bond Film

A team of testers and me submitted a video for this year's EuroSTAR TeamStar competition.
Hope you like it!


The team members are: Adam Brown (@brownie490), Jenny Lane (@mfboots), Tim Munn (@Nottsmunster) and me (@cartoontester).

The voting for the TeamSTAR competition starts this Thursday, 29th September. I'll post again on the blog on the day with a link to the voting.
It would be great if you could vote for us (if you think the video is any good of course!)


  1. That is absolutely brilliant!!!!

  2. Great stuff, guys!

    I don't use a pen drive or big book of tests but I do have a beard (not fake) and a Moleskine. How did you know? ;)

  3. I am NOT growing a beard in order to become a better tester. I draw the line there! :) Great video LOL funny.

  4. Sometimes, a beard is the only solution. :-)>

  5. Thanks for the great feedback. But @ElizaF, that's not the spirit ;)
    Paul, didn't you know everybody knows?
    SheyMouse, true

  6. Ah-ah! So, it's all in the beard!

  7. So every morning I have been ruining my day as a tester, because I let the rasorblade do it's thing...