Tuesday 11 January 2011

1 Year Anniversary

Today is the Cartoon Tester 1 year anniversary and what a year it has been!
Thank you all for following the blog and leaving comments. Initially I thought I would only run the blog for a few months, but due to the great response I decided that it was definitely worth continuing.

Some of my Highlights for the Tester Cartoon blog include:

Wow! What a list! Thank you again for all the great support I’ve received that has made the above a reality.

Recently, a few people have asked when and why I started drawing cartoons about testing. I think some of them were asking ‘Why? Why are you wasting your time drawing stupid cartoons?” but I think others were genuinely interested!

There are a number of reasons why…
One was that I wanted to get more involved in the wider testing industry. One option was to start a typical blog but I knew I wasn’t great at writing articles.
I knew that I had ‘some’ skill at drawing cartoons. I used to draw cartoons about my wife and I and our relationship together. Some of the cartoons made her laugh, so I thought I was unto something as she’s my toughest critic!
Another reason was that I wanted to improve my employability. I thought my CV/resume was boring to read, I felt I needed something extra, something a bit different.
With all this, I started drawing cartoons about testing early 2009 and ended up with around 20-30 cartoons, I submitted them all for review to the first STC magazine. I received such a great response from them that I decided to start this blog. Like they say… and the rest is history :o)

Here’s my updated CV, I had to remove some private information, but I think it looks much better than my old one…


  1. is the UK edition of Quality Center really spelled as Quality Centre? Congratulations Andy!

  2. Congrats Andy :) Good Luck for the future.

  3. Congratulations! I look forward to more great stuff!

  4. Thanks!

    @Perze, it should be Quality Centre, but I've just checked and all references are 'Center', altough we might have a non-UK QC edition!

  5. Congrats Andy :-) Excellent idea on the CV! Seriously it's different, fun & works!

  6. Congratulations and well done. And thanks for the mention of WAT, so many WATers have had big career moves since the list started, I'm glad to see yours.

  7. Hooray to Andy for an awesome year and for much inspiration during that time. Please keep on truckin' :).


  8. Thanks again all for the lovely comments :o)

  9. I love your "rock of software testing".

    You rock! Looking forward to the 2nd Anniversary.

    Maverick Tester

  10. Congratulations, Andy!

    You also inspired many testers in different ways. Should have been in your list :)

    Best regards!

  11. Andy,

    Hearty congrats on your first anniversary and looking for next anniversaries too.


  12. Thanks again for all the feedback :o)

  13. Andy, u just make it look so easy and cool.. Gr8 job.. keep going.. Love ur cartoons

  14. Congrats Andy...

    G8 work mate,U rock ..........

    Xpecting a lot more from u.

    Keep it going ... :)

  15. Congrats Andy...

    Keep rocking.:)