Thursday 16 December 2010

Mr Fails

Hi all,

I would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Mr Fails.

He is an excellent tester but he's gone through a rough time of late. With his permission, I have written a short biography, please read his story here.
 Mr fails would like to know if you have any feedback on the eBook. You can leave comments in the STC blog site, on this post or you can email me. All feedback is appreciated :o)

Kind regards,
Andy Glover


  1. Very nice!
    I think I'll show this bio to my PM when he'll ask me to automate every test again :)

  2. I would add one more job related dilemma. A plane test pilot is typically an excellent flyer and has a lot of experiences. This is usually not a first job he/she has and could be the last job on ones career due to high standards. It seems to be other way around when it comes to software tester. SW testing is the first job in development domain after or even during school and I don’t know any analytics how see their goal to be tester. A tester is suggested to become analytic after one gets good at testing. The odd part here is that plains are run by software.

    So the last picture would be that the Mr. Fail is hired as programmer and hope for better software is gone again. Fail!

    Happy endings are good, too!

  3. Brilliant story. Funny - yet a good commentary on the software industry. I wonder if my kids would like it if I read this one to them.

  4. Thanks for all the great feedback :o)

  5. Hi Collingszone, I've heard from other parents and they said their kids enjoyed the story.

  6. This has been my lifes story o_O how did you know? ;)