Thursday 5 August 2010

Light Bulb

When I approach a new testing project, I can be all the people from this cartoon. Sometimes I worry that I haven't got the right skills/training for the project. Sometimes I think the project isn’t exciting enough so I don't put my all into it. I might worry that I'll make a huge mistake (like not find obvious bugs) and get the blame, or even the sack! On occasions, I ask all the right questions but then don't follow-up on the responses. Metrics can sometimes drive my work rather than highlight how the project is progressing. While in a project, I can be very good at covering my own backside!

Where am I going with this? I guess it's important to know how you approach testing projects. If you know you have areas you can develop on, you can tackle them as you start your next project. A good way to help you with this is to share your experiences in testing forums/communities.
Plus, in Matt Heusser's latest blog post, you can definitely fine tune your skills in approaching testing projects. This is a great opportunity to compare your skills with an expert!


  1. A lot of these types exist in development too :)

  2. I like certified one the most. :")
    Reminds me of many people, not only testers.

  3. How many testers to change a light bulb - why none of course. we are only there to tell you it is broken.