Tuesday 27 July 2010

The Testing Planet

Guess what?! The STC have just released a new testing newspaper, THE TESTING PLANET!!! They've included 4 never seens cartoons. I managed to get a hard copy and the whole newspaper looks great, with good and relevant articles and it has a crossword too – they’ve thought of everything!

While on a similar topic, I must thank Rob Lambert from STC. He was the first tester to see my cartoons and he gave me lots of positive feedback. If it wasn’t for him, this blog might never have happened. One of Rob’s recent blog posts was about loosing one’s testing mojo… after my time out (and all the sport on TV) I’ve lost mine, I must find it back.

Just a quick note on one the cartoons in the testing planet as I feel I need to explain my self!
The naked tester cartoon - (which is on the same page as articles from Lisa Crispin and Anne-Marie Charrett. I’m not worthy!) the idea originated from some one in my team who came up with the name “the naked smoke test”; where we trimmed down an older automated smoke test so it would run quicker. Unfortunately the name didn’t stick. Some testers didn’t like it and the developers were really scared, I think they thought we were going to run the automated smoke test while naked – What’s scary about that?

... Anyway, do download The Testing Planet, it's a great read.


  1. Hi Andy,

    Many thanks for the kind words. Your cartoons are indeed ace :)

    I do hope you get your mojo back. I'm finding it comes and goes. Often directly related to lack of sleep :)


  2. Hi Andy,

    I came across your blog while bloghopping and instantaneously become one of my favourite! Defo something great to read during lunch time :)

    So keep up the good work!