Thursday 17 June 2010


Actually, there is a better way to find out which one is better.
Michael Bolton wrote an article on this very topic (check out his blog post). Now, Eurostar have setup a webinar for Michael to present his opinions about QA and testing. I've already sign up to attend. His article is so good, that a couple of weeks back I organised a group discussion on it during a team meeting. It was a worthwhile activity :o)


  1. This is probably one of my fav's :-)

  2. Andy, the linked blog post is just great, thank you (and Michael too!) very very much for this link.

    The thing is I've proposed a couple of ideas on application usability improvements at recent status meeting and they were rejected. I was really depressed about that for 2 days but after Michael's post I looked at this problem from the other point. Maybe my ideas were not so cool but "harebrained" for business people? :)

  3. Thanks Darren.
    Grinder, thanks. It's important to know how we express our issues/opinions to business people. It's something I'm still learning.

    Some one who I respect suggested that I should include links to testing sites/articles etc. So I hope to add more links in the future that relate to the cartoons.

  4. Nice cartoon, but a fight really isn't neccesary. There is a single obvious distintion between the two: QA is about the process, testing is about the product. So QA and testing are two entirely different worlds.