Monday 8 February 2010

How to become a testing expert

The Softwaretesting club have just released the 1st issue of their community magazine. It has lots of great articles and they have printed 5 of my (exclusive!) cartoons in it, you can download the magazine from the club's site. Enjoy!


  1. You rock. I am not saying this on a Friday night. I have put a permanent link to your blog from mine. If you don't find it, maybe its Friday Nightility or you have hit the bottom of the page :)

  2. Thanks all for the nice comments!
    Just signed up to Pradeep's blog. The Popular Posts section looks very interesting. this is a great quote from one of the articles "If you experience monotony, you aren't questioning. If you aren't questioning, you aren't testing.
    " Pradeep

  3. Andy,

    Thanks for liking it. I was wanting to write to you but being Thursday nightility, I couldn't find your e-mail id. Wazzat?