Wednesday 29 February 2012

Guess the caption

In a recent post I asked if you could guess what my original idea for the cartoon was. I received loads of feedback about the cartoon which made me think I should do more posts like it.
Today's cartoon is missing the caption/s. Can you suggest any ideas? You could come up with a the title, a subtitle or a (or a couple) of speech bubbles from the bugs. Give it a go and leave a comment. I'll update the cartoon in a few days with my favourite response.


  1. "By the time they figure out how to use this, we'll already be dead"

  2. When will they learn? It's not about killing bugs, it's about adding value...

  3. Butterfly: OMG They've got Ladybird hanging there - upside down!
    Larval: Yeah - but see Cocoon's still hiding

  4. And then they realized this means.....War!

  5. "Watch me raise Fred from the dead!"
    "I hear testing has blisters on their fingers."
    "Where is the house party this week?"
    "They're doomed."
    "We're safe for a long time"
    No caption. Just make the bugs look /really/ old. (add more bugs?)

  6. "well, our ancestors were not as strong as we are"

  7. Andy, This is seriously a good exercise which a team of testers can pick and try to brainstorm various things. Good one. Below are my thoughts, some funny and some real funny serious :D

    1. Look there, we are being featured. Celebration Time :D

    2. Look at that, they are making fun of us while they have a bug in their mouse. Mouse wire is not connected to the computer. LOL.

    3. Larva: Butterfly, what are you looking at?
    Butterfly: Looking if any of our friends have been found.
    Larva: Come on man, we have got work. Stop looking at that crap & let us kill the software.

    4. Thank god, we are not found.

    5. You cannot track us, GPS systems do not have that capability to track us.

    Err, enough.

    -- Santhosh Tuppad

  8. Let's check our name in 'BUG REPORT'

  9. Fantastic! Great ideas.
    For those who haven't, please rememberto leave your name in the comment.
    Cheers, Andy.

  10. See I told you we are increasing in number. Soon we will own this application! -- Carl Shaulis

  11. Butterfly: "See, Catty, I told you!"
    Caterpillar: "But the salesman said it was a good deal."
    Butterfly: "That wasnt a salesman. It was a DEVELOPER! now they're even tracking bugs on cellphones thanks to you!"

    -- Evan Labbe

  12. Hristina Koleva2 March 2012 at 09:50

    "How to measure testing"

    It's not about numbers at all. Unfortunately numbers are the only valid measurement. As they say, it's not quality if you can't measure it. However bug trends and numbers are beyond any thoughtful evaluation if considered out of the context.

  13. Are those bug tracks ? - I thought it was a graph ! Stuart de Boer

  14. Butter: Looks like we are spotted and in the wanted List!!!
    Cater: Ah, butter! Don't you worry, they have just spotted us, they can't really kill us!
    you can fly away when they spot you again and I will be anyways hiding in my cocoon. :)
    Butter: Oh! then, It needs a real understanding of our life cycle for them to actually catch us! Fine, Lets get out of here for now...


  15. Butterfly: That's just a fraction of us and mostly from the latest patch.
    Caterpillar: Guess the younger generation need more training on hideouts.

    Caption: We will, we will "Bug" you!! (on the lines of the famous track "we will we wil rock you" ; )

    Nuthan M J

  16. Its confusing and congested to be inside ! :)

  17. "I wonder how long it will take them to notice they're looking at the demo graph."

  18. 'Hey, we passed !! We're not on the list !!! '

    Anuj Sharma

  19. "Look at this guy, he uses the mouse with his left hand!!!"

    How bugs get caught...they don't pay attention to what's coming

  20. "You see that graph billy? Once those two lines meet they'll release the product and we're outta here!!"


  21. Andy now tell us your favourite responses!!!

  22. But it's so difficult! there's so many great responses!!

    Ok, I'll blog a post with the best response by this evening (GMT).

    Thank you all for all the great ideas!!