Tuesday 27 April 2010



  1. Where we work, we toy with the minds of our testers. Just for fun: In each of our software products, we place a 'Random Bug Generator' which creates non-recreatable bugs based on the finest principles of Chaos Theory. We then sit, poker-faced, with the poor tester and ask to see a recreation of said bug, laughing with glee in our shriveled silicon souls, as they fail to do so.
    We also swap the teabags around in the kitchen cupboard, swap the tea and coffee in the drinks machine, and tie their shoe-laces together when they're distracted by smoke-testing.
    These are the things that give meaning to our lives. These, and Star Trek, or course :-)

    The Evil Developers.

  2. Does anyone actually make that shirt? I'd buy one...

  3. Would you buy one? how much would you pay? ;o)

    I might start creating t-shirts from some of these cartoons (including this one).